Exotica Promotional Terms and Conditions


Last Update: April 2024

1.1 From time to time we may run promotions on our Site which are subject to both our Terms and Conditions and any additional promotion-specific terms which are included on this page for reference. Promotion-specific terms may include conditions in respect of selected styles, colours, collections, purchase periods, purchase methods, minimum spend requirements, bundle discounts, collaborative promotions, games of chance or games of skill. These promotion-specific terms will be presented on this page. 

1.2 You should ensure that you read the specific conditions that apply to each promotion. By proceeding to purchase you agree and accept the terms of the applicable promotion(s).

1.3 We also undertake joint promotions with third party partners or platforms from time to time. You should consult the terms of those programs for full details of such specific joint promotions.  



Unless otherwise stated, Exotica ongoing offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

APP20 - Exclusive to orders made through the Exotica App. Excludes clearance and gift cards. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. No minimum spend required.

Email & SMS Subscription Sign-Up - Minimum purchase of $100 AUD. This offer is valid for single use per customer. Excludes clearance and gift cards. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Your email and/or mobile number will be used for ongoing marketing communication/s. If you wish to unsubscribe you can do so here: Unsubscribe


Flash Sale - 11th-15th 11:59pm April flash sale code applies sitewide, excluding new and clearance items. Only one code can be used per product, so if multiple codes are applied during the flash sale, the one that provides the customer with the best value will be used. Unless stated otherwise this code cannot be used in conjunction with any other code.

Save And Spend - Our current multi-tiered promotion applies to applicable cart values only. Save 30% when you spend $125, save 40% when you spend $175, save 50% when you spend $225. Promotional dates are through: 2nd April 2024 until 10th April 2024 AEST.  16th April until 23rd April. 29th April until 30th April. Excludes clearance and gift cards. Save and Spend promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This promotion is automatically applied at the checkout.

Clearance 10% Off - This promotion applies to items/products in the Clearance category only and excludes all other items on our website. The additional 10% is automatically applied at checkout.

Competition - Show Us How You Are “Comfortably You” - This competition is hosted by a third party application: Gleam.io. Each video or photo submitted is accepted as a single (one) entry. Participants can make multiple entries. By submitting and accepting the terms of the competition and of Gleam.io; entrants acknowledge and agree that Exotica may use their content (UGC) for marketing purposes and/or for use on the Exotica Official Instagram and Facebook Accounts. This competition began on the 2nd April 2024 and ends on 20:00 30th April 2024 AEST. Winners will be announced via the official Exotica Instagram and have 7 days to redeem their prize. Prizes not redeemed after the 7 days will be deemed forfeited. Winners will be contacted via email after 8:00am 1st of May 2024 AEST. Winners receive an electronic gift voucher to the value of $100AUD. Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Gift cards can be used on any order sitewide. This competition is powered by Crowd9 PTY LTD ("Gleam"). Gleam does not sponsor, administer, endorse or bear liability for this promotion. By entering the Sweepstakes, you agree to Gleam's Privacy Policy.


Free Shipping - Free Standard Australian (Domestic) Shipping on orders over $175 AUD. Order total is the amount paid after discounts, offers or promotions have been added. 


2.0 You may use vouchers, promotional codes or gift cards as payment for certain products on our website. Vouchers are available electronically only. Promotional codes are available online or via marketing partners. Unless stated otherwise in our promotional terms and conditions; only one code can be used per order, however multiple gift cards/vouchers can be used per order. Gift Cards are emailed electronically to you or your selected recipient. We accept no liability for errors in the email address/es provided to us. You are responsible for the use and safety of your vouchers and gift cards - you should treat them like cash. We assume no liability for the loss, theft or to the extent permitted by law eligibility of vouchers or gift cards, including gift cards being used without your permission, if your email account is hacked or subject to unauthorised use. We monitor the issuance and redemption of vouchers, gift cards and promotional codes. In the event of fraud, misuse, an attempt at deception (including self-referral) or in the event of the suspicion of other illegal activities in connection with the issuance or redemption of vouchers or gift cards, we may close or block access to your Account and/or require a different means of payment. We may block gift cards if notified by law enforcement that gift cards have been fraudulently obtained. 

2.1 Conditions for the redemption of vouchers, gift cards, promotional codes include:

      1. From time to time we may release vouchers or promotional codes that may be used on the Exotica website. Vouchers or promotional codes are valid for the specified period stated on them and can only be redeemed in accordance with any special terms stated on them - such as a minimum spend requirements, validity periods, product or sale exclusions. Only one voucher or promotional code can be used per order, unless specifically stated otherwise.
      2. Certain products may be excluded from the voucher or promotional code or promotion and unless specifically stated are not applicable to shipping costs.
      3. Vouchers, Gift Cards, Promotional Codes or Discount Codes cannot be redeemed for cash or to buy gift cards. If you place an order for a product less than the value of a voucher, promotional code or discount code, no refund or residual credit will be returned to you, unless specifically stated otherwise. If the credit of a voucher, promotional code, or gift card is insufficient for the order you wish to make, you make up the difference through payment by other means. Although no additional voucher or promotional code or attempt to rely on an additional offer will be applicable.
      4. We actively monitor misuse of vouchers, promotional codes and discount codes and reserve the right to deactivate vouchers, promotional codes and discount codes or block any person that is not using a voucher in accordance with its specified terms or breaching Exotica’s Terms and Conditions. 

2.2 Conditions for the redemption of gift cards include:

      1. You may purchase gift cards for use on our website by you or other customers. Gift cards can be redeemed at the checkout or added to your Account.  Once redeemed, gift cards cannot be transferred.  Gift cards can only be redeemed on our website in accordance with the special terms stated on them.
      2. Gift cards are valid for 36 months from purchase date.  Any unredeemed balance that remains on the Gift Card after the 36 months will be voided and will not be available for use.
      3. The credit of a gift card does not accrue interest nor can it be redeemed or refunded for cash at any time.  Gift cards cannot be used to buy further gift cards. 
      4. If you place an Order less than the value of the gift card, the residual credit will be stored to your Account and can be used for future purchases, but the residual credit cannot be redeemed for cash.  The residual credit will remain redeemable for 36 months from the date on which the gift card was purchased.
      5. If the credit of a gift card is insufficient for the Order you wish to place, you may make up the difference through payment by other means. You may use as many gift cards as you wish in paying for an order, and gift cards may be used in conjunction with one voucher/promo code per order unless specifically stated otherwise.

3.1 If you cancel or return only certain items purchased in bundle deals or multi-buy promotions, any items you don’t return will be charged at full price, the purchase amount will be reduced accordingly and any refund due will be provided either as a credit or refund.