Societies shame on

Society has somehow managed to brainwash each and every one of us to think that we're not beautiful unless we're skinny. We're not beautiful unless we have plastic surgery. We're not beautiful unless we change everything about us so instead of being unique, we're now a clone.

You can either accept your cellulite or disguise your cellulite.

Say NO to society standards

Obviously, we're not all size 6. We don't all have perfect hips or thighs or tummies. Some of us are a little rough around the edges and some of us think we're not ok just being us.

This is all because society has made you believe in unrealistic expectations and made you think that to be 'imperfect,' is bad.

We're here to teach you how to say no to society standards and yes no embracing that self-love of your unique and amazingness.

How to distract that cellulite

Now not all of us are ready to LOVE your cellulite right this second, and that's ok! But we're here to help...
As most of us plus size gals would do, we wear black to disguise our cellulite BUT we're here to tell you there's an even BETTER way to disguise it.

Let us introduce you to the power of the print. Our Exotica prints actually distract from your cellulite making it almost not noticeable.

Throw a print on and DISTRACT that cellulite.

Love Yourself and Celebrate your Cellulite

Why would you wait another god damn second without getting these magic pants that make you feel like your best self?

Instead of finding reasons to not be your fully amazing self, let's find some reasons to LOVE yourself.

Apple a day keeps the cellulite away

Here's to starting off the day, looking in the mirror and saying to yourself, IM BEAUTIFUL. Here's to going to the gym in whatever the damn hell you want and rocking it because you love yourself and everything you are, not everything you're not.

Here's to eating a balanced diet, which can consist of SOME takeout as long as it's not ALL takeout.

Strut your DAMN Sexy Self

When you wear our Exotica pants, we want you to feel your absolute best self. Your happy self. Your DAMN SEXY SELF.

We know that our pants minimize the amount of cellulite you can see, which means you can strut just about anywhere feeling fresh and fabulous.

Check out our latest prints...

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