I’m not a bodybuilder, or an athlete. 
I’m not the strongest or the fastest, the smartest or the bravest. 
I am not the perfect mother, the perfect daughter, or perfect friend
And I may never be the perfect lover, the perfect girlfriend or perfect wife

My house is sometimes as messy and disorganized as my mind
and I have a tendency to go days without brushing my hair and wearing make up.
I don’t always reply to emails, and often forget to return calls
and I have a penchant for dark chocolate, jack daniels and strong coffee.

Ive been told im crazy more times than I can remember
as well as countless other names I chose to forget
and I have a history of being too inside my head
too impatient, too self absorbed and too emotional.

I have loved and I have lost 
and I’ve been broken and I’ve been found
and there are days when I feel like I am my own worst enemy
drowning in a sea of negativity, confusion and self-doubt

But know this...  
I am passionate. I am dedicated and I am persistent.

When I set my mind to something I see it through.
I have this unrelenting force and curiosity that compels me 
to wake up every morning and break down barriers
push through my comfort zone just to see what’s on the other side
and make certain that this journey Im on is one hell of a ride

I don’t want my life to be normal.
I don’t want my existence to be average.
I want to scare myself daily
and explore, discover, succeed and fail

I live to build my body stronger,

my mind stronger 
and my brand stronger, everyday,
until my reality becomes bigger than my dreams.

I am Leilani Chandler.

I am wild, I am real 
and I am proud.
I am a work in progress,

I am me.

Leilani Chandler
Founder and Boss Lady at Exoticathletica