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Another totally amazing Australian company we Loooove is Unicorn Superfoods & it’s not just because of their seriously cute Instagram...they have created something special.

This sister duo from the Gold Coast learnt from personal experience that you can heal mental health & optimise physical wellbeing with nutrients from food at a young age.


This lead them down the path of creating the super funky Unicorn Superfoods…


Fun, colourful, nutrient dense, concentrated superfood powders that turn all your food & drink into eye candy without the nasties. Artificial colour, flavour, preservative FREE ZONE!! 😊


The possibilities are endless with how you can use this sweet stuff, check out our socials for loads of inspo.

Blue Spirilina


What: Blue spiri...WTF!?! Spirulina is like underwater Kale on steroids lol...Its so loaded with nutrients it’s a total superfood. You’ll find blue & green types


When: Any time is a great time, but as I’ve mentioned previously your body is ready to suck up nutrients when you wake up.

If you add this to your morning smoothie it will make it super awesome.


How: You can add this bright blue powder to almost anything. Smoothies, smoothie bowls, baking, pancakes, colour your pasta/spaghetti...get creative


Why: Spirulina (Blue & Green) is loaded with nutrients like Protein; good for muscles, brain, hair skin & nails. B vitamins for energy. Potassium for hydration…& loads more good guys (Antioxidants) that actually undo the damage you may have caused to your body & help protect your cells. This is all good news for your gorgeous body & mind.




What: Berrylicious is a combo of all the berry goodness you could want jam packed into this delicious concentrated powder...Goji, Blue, Black, Maqui, Acai


When: Any time. You can EVEN go savory with this purple delight.

As Berrylicious has a bit of sweetness to it you could get a sweet fix in the arvy without the imminent sugar crash.


How: You can sprinkle this pretty purple powder over everything, get creative...Think purple noodles, the kids will loooove them


Why: Again those powerful antioxidants are here in huge numbers to help protect & repair our body from the inside out. Berries have great detoxifying properties as well.

You will find all the Unicorn Superfood blends on our website. Find YOUR colour blend or just get them all & EAT THE RAINBOW.

Food is so clever it colour codes itself...each colour holds different powers, just like the Power Rangers hahaha


If you eat the rainbow every day you will be giving your body the best chance to get all the good stuff it needs, to do all the jobs, to keep you powering through your fabulous day!


So mix it up & share the love with all the fruit & Vegetables...even the brussel sprouts


“Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor” William Cowper 1785

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