Micronutrients-The low down On Vitamins & Minerals

As humans we rely on getting our fix of micronutrients from food & our environment as our body cannot (For the most part) produce them itself.

Whether you’re interested in the function of your body & what it needs to do its job or not I’m sure you want your mind & body to work properly for as long as possible so you can live an insanely cool life.

So how do I do that? EAT THE RAINBOW & BE HAPPY!!

Yep that’s pretty much it in a nutshell... check out my other blogs if you want more amazing tips about being happy (I highly recommend it)

For the eating the rainbow part, read on...

Vitamins are organic compounds made by plants & animals which are broken down by us to make our bodies work.

Minerals are inorganic & exist ONLY in soil or water. This means that you eat the plant or animal product & get the minerals from them. (this is why soil & water quality are super important)

Different foods contain different vitamins & minerals & each vitamin & mineral performs a different job in your body. Eating a colourful variety of quality, fresh food is the only way to get all the love your body needs from ALL of the vitamins & minerals.

Why can’t I just take a tablet from the chemist?

Well these are vitamins & minerals that are made in a lab by people who are trying to replicate the intricate detail of mother nature's creations…& they suck at it!

You can’t just make something that “Looks” like Vit B5 or extract all the Vit B5 out of an avocado & put it in a pill & expect it to do the same thing.


It’s like taking a wheel off your car & expecting it to still drive down the road! Or putting a wheel on the car made out of “something that resembles a wheel” Would you get in that car?

The Vit B5 in the avocado needs all its other vitamin mates (Co-factors) to do its job just like a car needs 4 wheels.

Unfortunately 99% of the supplements you buy are in a form your body cannot recognise & can’t do anything with. The other downside is also the amount of the actual, (Let’s say) Fish oil you are getting versus the “Other” ingredients that are in the “fish oil” capsule, that’s pretty scary too.

The quality & source of the fish oils are also to be questioned. Its an unsustainable industry stripping our oceans of wild fish & disrupting the natural ecosystem.

If your going to take supplements use WHOLE FOOD supplements that have all 4 wheels rolling down the road.

This applies for foods that have “Added” calcium, vit C, Iron etc. These are all synthetic man made copies of REAL vitamins & minerals without their mates

(Que lonely avocado)

Think of that muesli bar...now with added fibre. Just eat a food NATURALLY high in fibre

(With all the wheels rolling on the road)


We can break it down into four groups here.

Some of you will be interested in this others won't, that’s cool. I’m going to give you the info any way, skip past if the numbers & letters don’t float your boat.

Vitamins & minerals all travel through your body in different ways. Some are water soluble & some are fat soluble...Long & short some need water to move & others need fat. Some are stored & some are just short term travellers.

Water soluble Vitamins - Vit B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, Vit C Mainly responsible for energy production & (mostly) cannot be stored in the body. You need to get these vitamins from food continually.  

Food Sources; Whole grains, Beans & legumes, leafy greens, berries, sprouts, eggs, seafood Vegetables; mushrooms, sweet potatoes, carrots, asparagus, brussel sprouts, capsicum

Fat soluble Vitamins; Vit A, D, E, K (Stored in your liver & fatty tissue) Mainly responsible for immune system, organ function, bone growth & density.

Food sources; Sunlight, seeds & nuts, fish, leafy greens, seaweed, Vegetables; pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots

Macro minerals; Calcium,, magnesium, sodium, chromium, potassium, sulfur, chloride.

Mainly responsible for regulation of blood pressure, hydration, tissue health, cell structure, muscle function

Food source; Seaweed, garlic, onion, salmon, salt, beans & legumes, bananas, leafy greensVegetables; sprouts, celery, broccoli

Trace minerals; Iron, copper, manganese, zinc, Iodine, selenium.

Mainly responsible for providing oxygen to muscles, immune function, thyroid regulation, brain & nerve function, wound healing.  

Food Source; Seaweed, nuts & seeds, herbs, cacao, whole grains, leafy greens, legumes, beans, Vegetables: ALL OF THEM hahaha

This is far from a complete list of ALL the micronutrients, food sources & ALL of the functions you ask your body to perform daily. You require thousands of micro & macronutrients to get your body moving. Humans haven’t even discovered them all yet!

A large portion of us are unfortunately suffering from deficiencies in many micronutrients from poor diet, poor soil quality & poor water quality.  

There are a large array of symptoms that can present with vitamin & mineral deficiencies.

Some include brittle unhealthy hair & nails, fatigue, muscle pain, cramping, ulcers, cracking heels, bleeding gums, slow wound healing, skin conditions, restless legs, anxiety, poor cognitive function.

You can literally feel like your body is falling apart!

If left undetected these can turn into much more severe life threatening illnesses down the track.

Prevention through diet & lifestyle is totally better than having to try find a cure!

While we can suffer from deficiencies we can also have too much of a good thing.

Keep it in balance.  

To keep your body balanced with all the good guys & their mates having a mad as time in your body doing the best job they can at running YOU...

Eat a rainbow diet full of a variety of fresh, local, seasonal fruit & vegetables full of vitamins & minerals. Did you notice how often leafy greens pops up in the list?


Eat nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, whole grains (Activated if possible, I’ll talk about this another time & teach you how to activate your own nuts & seeds & why)  

A small amount of quality antibiotic, hormone free meat (I choose to eat no meat personally)

If you are struggling to get the variety in your diet, it’s not the end of the world, were human.

Take a QUALITY whole food supplement where needed. Eden Healthfoods Superfood is how I start EVERY day & I have Wild C in the cupboard for when I need an immune boost. These are WHOLE FOOD supplements. What does this mean; They are literally just quality, organic, nutrient dense, whole foods smooshed into a powder & put in a funky (recyclable) tin for your convenience.

So now you know all about micronutrients you little legend…

Let those vitamins & minerals loose in your body in abundance from all the amazing colourful food you now know holds the secrets to your mind & body working to its full kick ass potential.

If you want some inspiration, tips & tricks for colourful, nutrient dense yummy food follow me on insta & FB. If you’ve got some of your own show us your flavours in the comments below.

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