Fat IS your friend

I will dispel the myth straight up without any frilly shit…


Make fat your friend & stop fearing the unknown world of this amazing macronutrient.

Macro what?!? Fats, Carbohydrates & Proteins are the three macronutrients that make up the profiles of ALL the foods we eat. Everything we consume contains one or more of these three “Macros” & then there is a sub group called micronutrients

Micronutrients are all the vitamins & minerals contained in food that our body needs to function. Things like magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, Vit B, C, D, E etc...You get the idea (Read the blog on Micronutrients to find out more)

Your body must get all of these macro & micronutrients from food & the environment. So what we eat & how we spend our day will impact on our health, energy levels, mood & brain function.

Here we are going to tap into the world of FATS...You can check out more detail about Carbohydrates & proteins in my other blogs on those topics.

Fat has been labelled a super villain & its been drummed into us for DECADES. This is a complete myth. If you look at the western world where the Low-fat diet has been in place we have spent the last 30 years getting fatter & sicker at an stupidly fast rate. It’s pretty scary.

(Google Ancel Key’s fat study if you want to delve into the history further)

So finally we have let FAT out of prison & he’s allowed to chill equally with his mates carbs & protein.

Now fat DOES have more calories than carbs & protein so you do need to (like anything) watch portions yet fats are totally good for you, especially your hardest working muscle YOUR BRAIN.

Its also a super efficient source of energy, way better performing than sugar (But let’s not demonise sugar & put it in prison) Fats stimulate fat to be used as fat & if used correctly can actually aid weight loss.

OK so let’s break it down into bite sized chunks…What types of fat are there, where will I find them & how much should I eat? There are two main fats Saturated & unsaturated.

Saturated fats typically come from animal products & you should moderate your intake of this type of fat. Eat small portions of quality, lean cuts of meat.

Unsaturated fats are typically found in plants & you should consume these daily.

30 grams of nuts & seeds daily will help keep bad cholesterol (LDL) in check. Super cool!

Polyunsaturated (Omega 3 & 6) & Monounsaturated Ahhh Now it’s getting confusing what the hell! Poly & mono?

Take yourself back to maths poly=many, mono=one

This just relates to the number of bonds (Chemistry) that the fat molecule has. Yes they react in the body differently. All we are is millions of chemical reactions happening at any one second, WOAH my minds exploding now...another chemical reaction! Hahaha

They are still unsaturated & belong to the plant family....

Now the question I know is being yelled at the screen “What fat is avocado!!” it’s a Mono & Poly combo tribe, super good for you. EAT THIS SHIT DAILY!! (In moderation)

Not all fats are created equal & will have different chemical reactions in your body to do different jobs for you. (I encourage you to delve into the world of how your body works, its super interesting!)

Then there’s TRANS FATS...

I don’t usually like to put a label on anything as being “Good or Bad” but here the only label for Trans fat is BAD! Just stay away from it where ever possible!

Why? Trans fat will increase the bad cholesterol (HDL) & lower the amount of good cholesterol (LDL) which can fast track your path to heart disease by leaving fatty deposits in your artery walls. Your body cannot readily process this type of fat as its soooo heavily processed & treated it is no longer really a “Food” The body just stores it while it tries to figure out what it should do with it...it will never figure it out though. Your body is designed to process food not food like substances.

Where will you find trans fat? In margarine, fried foods, processed chips, crackers, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, hydrogenated oils (Cottonseed oil, vegetable oils, canola oil etc)

So in a nutshell we NEED to consume GOOD fats daily to give our body the essential nutrients it needs to function.

Go nuts lol, eat avocado daily, use quality cold pressed oils, eat quality wild caught oily fish & quality lean cuts of meat. Read labels to avoid trans fat (Even in small amounts)

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