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Loads of you have been asking B & Lani what supplements they recommend so we have made it totally easy & Exoticathletica is now your one-stop-shop for kick ass threads & totally awesome nutrition.

Our personal favorites...from real women for real women are now available on our website.

We are all super confused out there in the world with information overload.

Eat this, don’t eat that, good food, Bad food, superfood...But what is best for ME!!


We want to help you take the steps that are right for YOU.


B is going to be my crash test dummy & we are going to help her create kick ass, energetic, healthy insides so her body can keep up with her hectic life...I’m sure you can relate.

This week...The first amazing Australian company we are loving on is Eden Healthfoods.

Eden Healthfoods is an Australian family owned company who create products from the highest quality organic wholefoods & herbs...What’s so great about that?


Your body is designed to eat food that comes from the earth not made in a laboratory. As hard as humans try to replicate mother nature’s perfect designs, they just can’t & your body knows the difference, it’s super smart!

If you have been using synthetic (Made in a lab) supplements chances are you have been wasting your money & getting little to no benefits.


What you THINK your getting is also often completely different from what your actually getting (I encourage you to do some research on Fish oil tablets, super interesting) & we are also contributing heavily to the depletion of whales primary food source KRILL, Food for thought…


Eden Healthfoods use only what nature has provided in perfectly balanced ratios that will keep your mind & body thrivin not just survivin…& another box ticked that we think is so important is all their ingredients are sourced from fair trade & sustainable suppliers.


Ethics & integrity are a rarity in this profit driven world so support the company's trading above board


The first thing we did with B (& James lol) was get rid of all the synthetic vitamins they were taking & started using Superfood Formula. This is the first step any one can take regardless of your individual unique blueprint.

Superfood Formula


What: Hundreds & hundreds of 100% absorbable vitamins & minerals from ALL the superfoods…

AKA: Multivitamin on steroids lol  


When: First thing in the morning &(Optional) mid afternoon when your body is needing a second dose of goodness instead of a sugary snack.


How: Mix with water or juice, add to a smoothie or smoothie bowl.


Why: The first thing your body receives in the morning is super IMPORTANT,

Your body is in a fasted state & ready to suck up nutrients, so give it the best start to the day with the good stuff.


Your body runs on vitamins & minerals. All of your organs work as a team & if one or more isn’t functioning properly then the others have to pick up the slack (Think about playing a game of basketball without a full team, SUPER HARD WORK!) So give the WHOLE team what they need to play a winning game.

If you give your body the best possible fuel it will give back to you with better clarity, productivity, increased mood, better digestion, increased energy, weight regulation....& more. In essence LOVE YOUR BODY & IT WILL LOVE YOU BACK!


A happy, healthy body & mind requires a wholistic approach which we will slowly work through step by step, day by day, week by week & before you know it you will look back & go…

“ Hey check me out, I’m nailing this healthy shit & i’m feelin mighty fine”


Let food be thy medicine & medicine by thy food Hippocrates-Famous Philosopher


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