Detox 2019

Yep it’s THAT time of year again. You stumbled your way to Christmas, chilled into the new year & now

it’s time to hit 2019 with a bang.

Lets bottle your new found motivation to create a kick ass 2019 & start it off with a clean slate...for your colon that is!

The very first step to a super amazing you is looking after your insides, it’s what we can’t see that’s most important.

Weather you want to sharpen your brain, take control of mental health, PMS, energy levels, mood fluctuations,

weight gain/maintenance, skin problems




If your intestines & colon have build up it prevents you absorbing nutrients from food, then your body & brain are starved of the fuel they need to kick ass all day.

All that build up (Excess poo) is also releasing toxins back into your body & making you literally feel like shit!!

Your liver already has enough work to do eliminating toxins from your body don’t make it work any harder than it has to.



If you want to gain the healthy energetic you back let’s start here...Let’s get your poo tube clean haha

(I will talk a lot about poo so get comfy with it lol)


If you lay out your intestines it will cover the surface area of a tennis court!!!

Shall we just say it can hold heaps of toxic poo. Getting rid of it will give you a great starting point to getting the REAL YOU to shine bright.


We will be using the best detox kit available on the market,

Eden Healthfoods IDF 1&2

Why Eden Healthfoods detox & not Skinny tea you ask?

Do we really think we can just drink tea & everything will be magically fixed hmmmm...The answer is NO, Sorry to burst your bubble (their advertising campaign is really good though)

Although REAL tea has amazing health benefits Tea alone will not give you results.

The same can be said for many of the gimmicky magic fix

claims out there. 


The complete detox kit is available on our website get on board & detox with B & Me!!

Now B is the fussiest person I know & if she can do it then

ANYONE can do it.



We will be here to help you along the way & the more of you that jump on board the bigger the support network will be. We want you all to shine bright from the inside out so lets smash it together


When you order the detox programme (All 4 products or just the IDF 1&2) you will receive an instruction booklet with diet suggestions

& dosage instructions...but the best part is


You can do a complete juice fast alongside the IDF programme or you can eat what you like. It’s up to you & whatever level you are at right now.



I would highly recommend eating a colourful diet full of plenty of good quality fruit & vegetables with little to no meat & dairy for the 10 days.

Keep yourself away from processed foods & you will get great results.

Find your local fruit & vegetable market to ensure you are getting local, fresh seasonal produce that will nourish your body.

If you don’t have time to get to the market there are lots of delivery services around the country.

Here on the Sunshine coast I can recommend Fresh Box (Certified organic) & Shambhala Farms (Spray free & uncertified organic)


I’ll be doing some helpful short videos to give you tips to make the 10 days as easy as possible.

I will be starting my detox on the 14th of January

Follow me on social media & keep your eye on my feed if you want to start with me.


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