Potential Crazy Cat Lady

Yep I’ll put it out there lol, I think we all have a crazy cat lady hiding in the depths, just waiting for that right moment to her show her face...This is called LOOSING YOUR SHIT!!

…& guess what it happens, Hands up...come on EVERYONE!!

Life can be brutal & it doesn’t slow down for any one. You just need to equip yourself to deal with the ebbs & flows of this crazy world.

I love analogies & “I have a tool belt of life” As you go through life you acquire tools for your tool belt. You learn what the tools are used for & when they are used. You may get new attachments for your tools as the years go by to deal with new situations that arise, & you’ll get more & more confident at using them.


These tools for me are healthy open communication, maintaining balance, meditation, staying true to my values, live music, exercise, trusting my gut instinct, maintaining boundaries, time in nature, writing in my journal, creative expression & going out with friends.


The part that I have found confronting over the years is just when you thought you had seen the back of your crazy inner cat lady (For me anxiety) its peaks its head up from the depths & reminds you that everything is impermanent...ALL emotions, feelings & situations come & go.


You get better & better at learning to acknowledge them for what they are & how they make you the amazing, unique person you are today. Consistent daily habits & rituals are key to keeping balance & harmony in your life.

Now I know most of you have crazy busy lives but this is EVEN MORE of a reason to make a commitment to nurture yourself.

You will all have noticed how much more empowered you felt taking the steps through the BOPO challenge right?...Lets make a daily commitment to YOU & create a morning ritual that will get your headspace into a joyful, loving place to start your day.


Set your alarm half an hour earlier & watch your life change for the better!

Take my “Start the day awesome” challenge for 14 days…


1. Drink a glass of distilled water.

2. Repeat YOUR self love & empowerment sentence 3 or more times.

3. Meditate (this can be as little as 5 minutes)

4. Write in your journal.

5. Set an intention for the day.

6. Turn your shower to cold for as long as you can handle (Trust me on this one)


Why will these things make my day kick ass?


Hydration is so important on soooo many levels (This is another topic all together)


Imagine starting your day with thoughts of self love rather than HOLY SHIT I have sooo much to do today I really don’t want to get out of bed & face the day. I don’t know about you but my brain is running on over time as soon as I wake up & it can be pretty mean some times. So flip that shit around.

I resisted meditation for yeeeaaars, I thought you had to be some enlightened being to meditate, turns out I was sooo wrong.

There is no right & wrong, good or bad, it’s really quite easy. All you want to try to do is be in the “NOW” & not worry about yesterday or tomorrow.

I can highly recommend 2 apps Headspace & Daily Calm...You can try them for free & see which one is for you.


There are other apps around too, have a search & see what floats your boat or just fly solo…

Writing in a journal is powerful. Again there is no right or wrong, good or bad. Just write some thing. It can be as simple as how you felt about something or some one. When you write things down you are taking the time to acknowledge that it matters to you. You will find you can answer a lot of burning questions as you write.


Setting an intention for the day is really empowering. It reminds you during those challenging times through your day to stay true to you & remember what REALLY matters. You could have this written on a sticky note at your work space.  


Cold shower, your thinking WTF!! It stimulates our immune system, eases stress & depression, stimulates fat cells, switches on your brain & is great for hair & skin. Just do it & see how much more energised you feel.



Now you have your Why from our previous “Find You WHY” blog established you can create this daily practice with that in mind. (If you haven’t go back & read that blog)

When you create change based on YOUR own unique values you will stay true to what really matters & have more chance of sustaining the change.Have you joined our Exotica Life Facebook group yet? Jump in & tell us how long you lasted in your cold shower.


“When you don’t know what to do, do nothing, be still” Oprah Winfrey


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