What is all the fuss about protein any way?


Can I start by dispelling a few myths about protein…











A1. Do you turn into Michael Schumacher when you drive a car? Hmmmm NO!

Lifting heavy ass weights will make your muscles bigger not drinking protein.


A2. The difference between Mens & Womens protein? The label, yep that’s it!!

There is no such thing!!


A3. EVERYONE needs protein from the day we are born to the day we die


A4. There IS protein in plants & it’s also much easier for our bodies to absorb than meat, especially red meat. Your body has to work super hard to digest meat whereas plants are broken down quickly & easily.

So let’s look at what our body fires on…


There are 3 macro nutrients your body needs CARBOHYDRATES, FATS & PROTEIN…these are the big guys.


Then there are the little guys; hundreds, actually thousands of micronutrients like calcium, zinc, B vitamins etc...


Micro & Macro nutrients are found in all the foods we eat & we need loads of them every day so our organs can work as a team to keep us awesome!!


Protein (with the help of heaps of micronutrients) is responsible for repair & recovery of muscles & cells. Not just after your workout, your brain, hair, nails, tissue all NEED protein.


Your body can only absorb a certain amount of protein at once & cannot store it so little & often is the way to go. If you make sure there is a protein source at every meal you’ll be sweet as.


This is where protein powders come into play. They are quick easy & highly absorbable.

Topping up your protein intake daily with a powder is a great option...but be aware not all protein powders are created equal. There is sooooo much junk out there. Let’s look at the 3 most common types you’ll come across…


Whey Protein; Dairy based (Byproduct of cheese making)

Collagen; Bovine Hyde or fish scales

Plant; Most commonly Rice or Pea


Whey Protein

I won’t lie I’m not a supporter of Whey. In my experiences it’s not great for HEAPS of people causing bloating, gas, phlegm & has an inflammatory response in the body which is not what you want. These symptoms seem to gain momentum the longer you use Whey. It is the cheapest option & this is where you will find loads of fillers, flavours & chemicals that also contribute to digestive unrest & other potential disease in the body.



Collagen Protein

Collagen Protein is a better option than Whey & will mix & taste the same (You will still need to look for unnecessary ingredients) If you can get over the source (Which if you eat meat you should be cool with, its same same) It absorbs efficiently, meaning your body will actually be able to use the nutrients. It won't upset your stomach & won't make you STINK hahaha



Plant Protein

Plant Protein is your best option. It is an all round good guy. Good for your body & the environment. Plant protein is most often sprouted & fermented. This means it’s already partly broken down before it even hits your stomach. This makes it effortless for your body to digest & absorb, which is the most important part. Rice is the most “tummy friendly” option above pea (Fermented foods is a WHOLE nother amazing subject we will cover another day)


Did you know...

Cows are the greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions!!

Why because there is around 1.3-1.5 billion cows on this planet & they FART soooo much producing shit loads of methane!!

With this information fresh in your mind here is why we LOVE Ultimate Protein


Firstly check out the ingredient list...

Organic Sprouted Bio-fermented Brown Rice Protein

Organic Non GMO Apple Pectin

Organic Stevia

Natural Vanilla flavour or Organic fermented cacao (Chocolate Flavour)




What: Bio fermented Organic Brown Rice Protein...Now that’s a mouthful!

If you have tried a plant protein before & thought OMG this is totally gross & that texture!!

What even is this, SAND!!

Well this is smooth, lucious & so not sand. No word of a lie it tastes delicious.


When: Any time of the day when your chasing a super nourishing, quick, easy in-between-meal/snack...Stuck at the desk with no afternoon tea, Running out the door without time for breakfast, smoothie base, after gym, evening snack


Why: Protein is one of the ESSENTIAL nutrients our body needs to function.

Hair, skin, nails, muscles, bones ALL need protein to stay healthy.



A few helpful tips & hints…


Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer so is a great option for an in-betweener-meal & maintaining weight.


Make sure you have a source of protein at every meal to maintain nutritional balance in your body.


Protein will balance your blood sugar levels so is a PERFECT option for afternoons to keep your mind off the vending machine down the hallway.


Good fats & protein are a match made in heaven. Fats slow down the absorption of protein & also add to the feeling of satiety...So combine a protein shake with a handful (around 30g) of nuts & you have a perfect snack.


Little & often. Your body can only absorb (aprox) 30g of protein at once.

If your sweaty gym clothes start smelling like cat pee your having too much protein.

Excess protein is released as ammonia. This means your liver & kidneys are working overtime to get rid of the excess. Don’t make your organs work harder than they already have to.


Give Ultimate Protein a go for yourself. We know your insides will love you for it.


“Love your body & it will love you back”

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