Kick 2019's Ass

So here we are HEEELLLOOOO 2019!!

We made it & every day we have the privilege of waking up & experiencing this gorgeous world is a GREAT day!!

Let’s join forces for 2019 & make this year amazing! Were going to put on our big girl pants, get brave & be THAT person you always wanted to be so you can do those things you’ve always wanted to do.  

Now I’m not going to sugar coat this in bullshit. You can’t just make a pretty vision board & sit back & wait for all the magic to fall in your lap, You gotta do the work!

I was the pretty vision board, wishful thinking kinda girl for many years, & guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED. If you want things to happen you gotta MAKE them happen...But OMG my vision board was amazeballs

I am going to show you a method that has changed my approach to goal setting completely.

This has been the first year I can actually say that I achieved 80% of what I wrote down rather than just looking at my pretty vision board & fantasising about how far out of reach that reality was for me.

Needless to say I’m so stoked with myself...YAY for me!!

Now I wanted to call this exercise some thing different from GOAL setting...We can sometimes have a negative, unattainable attitude towards goal setting.

I decided not to after I looked up the actual meaning of the word GOAL…

Goal...The object of a persons ambition & effort; An aim or desired result...

This IS what we are setting out to do...achieve a desired result by combining effort & ambition.

So lets do it!!

What you will need...

A3 paper (A4 is OK too, I just don’t like to restrict myself. Use multiple A4's if you have to)

Pen & coloured pencils or felts (Texters) pastels (Whatever you want)

About 1 hour of your time


Create your mind map

In the centre is “ME”

Then all the branches off are your heart desires, your dreams, your ambitions, you visions...


This is where you brainstorm. Let your imagination run wild.

Make it pretty go nuts with your colour. If you like draw pictures,

go crazy.

Step 2. Now we gain a little more structure.

Create these Subheadings...

Personal Development

Family & Relationships

Health & Fitness

Social & Recreation

Dare To Dream

Finance & Career


I want you to select 2-3 goals for each category & put them into list form.

(If this seems a little overwhelming do 1 for each first & set a date to come back to add more)  

If you have left over goals that’s OK, Keep this piece of paper & refer back to it in a few months time.

You may have the capacity to add more goals later down the track.

Either way keep this piece of paper you will be coming back to it next year to see how you view it through

your NEW eyes in 12 months time.

There are some guidelines here to make sure you don’t set yourself up for failure.

Your goals need to be S.M.A.R.T

S-Specific: Why? Healthier, wealthier, confidence, fitter

M-Measurable: I will enter this 10km run in June

A-Action: What do I need to do to achieve this?

R-Realistic: Is it actually possible? (Not yet, Put it in the Dare to dream category)

T-Time frame: Set a date/deadline

If you have a few more or less in each section its cool (But remember to be brave here girls)

Is there a reason one area is easier to create goals for than another?

Challenge yourself. I find it totally easy to achieve fitness goals, but super hard to achieve financial goals.

Guess where my challenge is going to lie this year eeekkk!! (Big girl pants ON!!)

Make sure you have a variety of short & long term goals too.

There’s nothing more deflating than putting in all the work & not crossing the finish line.

Stagger your goals, they don’t all need to be massive epic marathons.

Small goals can be just as life changing

One of my goals last year was to dust off my board & go for a surf. I did it really quickly because I wrote it down.

I had been putting it off for 2 years after I was totally smashed by a wave & got scared.

One was also to have the family together for a meal once a week

(Once they get cars & girlfriends you don’t see them much lol)

(Left) Me achieving one of my goals last year...

Completing the Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon

Now you need to set a plan for each goal


Goal: I want to pay off my car loan  

Action: Increase direct debit payment, Get extra shift each week, Cut back on coffee & put extra money towards loan.


Goal: I want to run 10km

Action: Training schedule, Pick event, Join running group, Get a running partner


Goal: Meditate daily

Action: Use “Wasted” social media time to meditate, Set alarm 15 minutes earlier in the morning, get meditation app, set daily reminder on phone

So you get the idea.

You NEED to be realistic but daring at the same time. Push yourself but not too far.


So you have a goal & plan for each one...NOW PUT IT INTO ACTION!! DO THE WORK!!

Put your creative work up on the wall somewhere so you see it every day to stay focused.

Remember the person you become on the road to achieving your goals is almost more valuable than crossing the finish line.

Embrace the journey & evolve as a person because you have to become THAT person to cross the line...

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the life you’ve imagined” Henry Thomas Thoreau

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