Intermittent fasting

You’ve probably heard the term intermittent fasting thrown around & may or may not have paid any attention.

There seem to be soooo many fad diets going around ALL the time

Now SOME parts of these crazy diets have valid points & other parts are complete bull shit!

You can pick & choose what you want to take on board & mould the information to suit YOU.

I do not put myself into any category, Keto, paleo, vegan

Actually yes I do THE SARAH what’s right for me when it’s right for me!!


Now this doesn’t mean I give myself permission to go eat ALL the shit I can find.

Re-read the sentence….I eat what’s RIGHT for me, when it’s RIGHT for me.


My body likes a diet chock-a-block full of fruit & vegetables, free of meat & dairy (I eat my own chickens eggs & quality grass fed organic butter) I eat grains, nuts, seeds & a variety of carbs too, but it’s quality over quantity. I eat organic MOST of the time. There are some things that are non-negotiables though (Google Clean 15 vs Dirty Dozen)


I rarely eat processed foods because I just don’t crave them. That’s when you know your eating what’s RIGHT for you. I still get ups & downs with a few things from time to time but all in all I’ve pretty much hit my sweet spot.


Every BODY is different & you need to start paying attention to the messages yours sends to you.

Tune into hear what it has to say, IT’S IMPORTANT!!

It will tell you when you eat something that it doesn’t like.

Intermittent fasting has soooo many health benefits well beyond weight loss

(This is merely a bonus side effect)

Your digestive system is the largest system in your body & requires huge amounts of energy to function (Especially to digest red meat & crappy processed food) When you fast for periods of time it frees up energy it would usually need to digest food. It then has time & energy to focus on healing areas that have been neglected.

There are a number of religions that have practised fasting for centuries for good health & to reach higher spiritual levels.


People have even reversed type 2 diabetes with intermittent fasting due to how efficient this method is in controlling blood sugar levels.

So why not give it a crack

Starting intermittent fasting is easy...

The first thing to do is ask yourself the question...When would I like my eating window to be?

(This is not set in stone you CAN change it)

Me, I chose 12-7pm or some times it will be 11-7pm.

Some people only eat 4-8pm others 6am-3pm.


Figure out what could work best with YOUR schedule & eating habits.

Set a realistic goal & look at reducing your window over 2-3 weeks.

Where ever possible (Apart from night shift workers) keep your window in daylight hours.

This allows your body to digest most efficiently with its natural circadian rhythm.

Then STICK TO IT!! It could be hard for the first few days as your body & mind get used to it.

Potentially look at not eating until 11am for a few days then 12 for a week then 1pm if you want to continue increasing the time.

I have found my day, mind & body like 12-7pm the most so I stick with it. It’s not a competition to see who has the smallest window it’s about what works for you.


How to combat hunger while you get used to fasting?

Drink shit loads of water.

Your brain gets sent the same signal weather its hungry or thirsty so drink first. The better hydrated you are the better your body will digest your food once you break-fast.


What CAN I drink without breaking-fast?

Black coffee, Water, Herbal tea, Organic Broth, Lemon water, ACV


The numbers will differ depending on who you ask, but the general rule of thumb is if something contains more than 50-ish calories it’s going to break your fast.

(This doesn't mean you can drink sugar free soft drink!!)


Starting your day with warm lemon & ACV water is perfect. It gets the metabolism firing & has numerous health benefits. I love to start my day with Eden Healthfoods SuperGreens which has 55 cal per serve & the nutrient density is insanely good for my body to start the day.

Again do what works for YOU.

When you break-fast make sure its with nourishing, colourful foods.

Breakfast is DEFINITELY the most important meal of the day regardless of when you eat it.

Eat slowly & mindfully to get the most out of your food.

If you sit watching the TV your mind isn't registering what you are eating & you will find yourself hungry again sooner. Do one thing at a time EAT!!


Don't go too crazy changing WHAT your eating at first. The key to long term health is making small, sustainable changes over time.


Definitely work towards cutting out processed foods, added sugar, sugary drinks, limit red meat to once a week & look to have 1 meat free day too (I personally eat meat free, It’s an environmental thing too)

Look at eating food as close to its natural state as possible. “Eat food that IS ingredients not food that HAS ingredients” ie: Nuts & seeds, legumes, fruit & veges, REAL butter.

Intermittent fasting isn’t rocket science really...

That’s what makes it so attractive as a lifestyle option, especially for busy people who lack time to prepare meals.

You simply don’t have to prepare as many, full stop! It’s a lifestyle thing, your ultimately looking to change your lifestyle to create a healthier, happier, more energetic, kick ass YOU!


You will be surprised at how much better you will feel just by changing WHEN you eat. Most people (Myself included) report feeling more energetic & focused. Less digestive unrest & better bowel movements, better sleep to name just a few.

Now this is ONE way to fast. You can fast for days at a time. You can do 5:2 (Five days normal 2 days intermittent with 500 cal) It depends what your goals are. Fasting for 1-10 days once or twice a year is a fabulous option to reset your body & keep good health. Remember do what works for YOU.

If you have a medical condition consult your healthcare professional before changing your diet dramatically. 

We will be starting a new year detox on the 14th January & intermittent fasting would be a great option to try alongside the Eden Healthfoods IDF 1&2 Detox formulas. It will amplify the results you get.


Click the button & order yours today. I will be sharing daily tips & motivation to keep you on track. Lets kick 2019 off with a bang & love our body's again.

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