Exercise your mental Fitness

Why do I think mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness?

Actually I am going to correct myself here & say…

Mental fitness IS as important as physical fitness..It’s not just my personal opinion.

We have all experienced moments in time where we have felt anxious, depressed, alone, isolated, trapped in our own world’s that we created inside our head...all based around self imposed FEAR.

Mental health is the number one problem facing our youth from as young as

8 years old!!

This is all kinds of wrong & we need to make some drastic changes to ensure we are as mentally fit as possible.

Loads of you amazing women made a choice to take action & change how you thought about yourself by embarking on the BOPO challenge...GO YOU GOOD THANG!!

It can be totally scary to take steps away from your comfort zone. Even if you have made it a shitty place to live, you KNOW it.

You would have experienced first hand the positive changes that occurred over the 10 day challenge….

Have you been able to keep the flow?

Like exercise we don’t just work our asses off training for a few months to run a marathon then retain the fitness level forever (God damn, if only it were true!!)

We have to continually work on that shit, day after day after day!!

You get better & better at things, you add more weight, run further, swim faster, ride bigger waves...but not without consistency & effort.

So what can you do to keep yourself mentally healthy & strong & away from a world based on FEAR?

The first absolute game changer is meditation

(I’m just going to keep drumming this into you so you may as well give it a crack)

Like I’ve mentioned previously, its as simple as downloading an app.

Calm or Headspace are my top 2.

Respect yourself enough to set aside 10 minutes a day to give back to yourself


Meditation equips your tool belt of life with the most precious tools you will ever own.


We meditate to get better at life, not better at meditation.

Then just like running a little further, lifting a little more weight, you will get better & better.

It’s a mediation PRACTICE not a meditation PERFECT

(quoting my Yoga teacher here lol, thanks Rae xo)  

You can also look in your local area for meditation events. Delve into a world you probably didn’t even know existed right under your nose.

I looove going once a month to a sound meditation.

I love music so it was only natural that sound meditation/healing would float my boat.

I will share a few links to other meditations you can try too.

Release preconceived perception & JUST DO IT. Take the Headspace &/or Calm 10 day free meditation challenges & let us all know how it made you feel.


Think about how much music can influence a mood, moment, situation.

Turn that frown upside down by listening to your favorite beats. Turn it up & MOVE...let yourself be free, express yourself & throw away social conformities.

My friend Gemma gets her groove on almost every morning when she wakes up. It’s her mediation, her “ME” time, her pep talk to herself

If you play an instrument dust it off & play, let your heart sing.

Socialise, really connect with people.

Let someone into your space & share what’s on your mind. There is the cliche' term...

A problem shared is a problem halved.

IT's soooo true.

Join a group, just get out there & BE with REAL people.

The key here is to TALK & really communicate.

One of the integral puzzle pieces to a long healthy life is having REAL meaningful relationships...break down your walls & let someone in.

Learn something new.

there is nothing like sparking to life a part of your brain that has been lying dormant.

The whole cliche’ term “Use it or lose it” applies here.

Keep your brain active & challenged with exciting new stuff. Take that pottery class, Surfing lesson, learn a language, take that night class.

Not only will your brain spring to life but you will gain a sense of accomplishment by achieving something.

The common thread within all of these things is bringing your mind into the moment & be totally PRESENT with whatever you have chosen to do.

Forget about the past, you can’t change it...don’t worry about the future it isn’t here yet...Learn how to BE here NOW & commit to that shit fully!!

Your brain is the most powerful & influential muscle in your body yet we basically ignore it.

Imagine your brain is like a toddler, it needs A LOT of attention!! If you ignore a toddler they become reckless, misbehaved children, then by the time they are teenagers look out.

Get intimate with your brain NOW & reap the rewards of a life with more ease & flow.

If you do find yourself in a sticky ass situation & there is no one to call LIFELINE are amazing & there is always someone on the other end of the line who genuinely cares about you.

There are a number of organisations out there ready to help…

Life line 13 11 14

www.livin.org It ain't weak to speak

My favorite meditation gurus to follow are Deepak Chopra, Dr Joe Dispenza & Emily Fletcher.

I also challenge you to get on board with Binaural beats to help focus & learning.

“Where ever we are, we can take a deep breath, feel our body, open our senses & step outside the endless stories of our mind” Jack Kornfield

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